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Personalized Transportation Management System for Consumers and Dealerships

Welcome to the WhatsMyUpgrade.com
Personalized Transportation Management Portal

Please find some important details here about this system

What can you do here?

You can review vehicle upgrade offers and compare the upgrade cost from home or work without needing to come into the dealership.

You have the power to:

  • Review the vehicle you saw on the dealership lot in more detail.
  • Review real bank based offers on inventory items that are available now.
  • Review photos and specification details of inventory items.
  • Compare your vehicle to a newer vehicle and find out the upgrade cost.

Is it safe?

Any data reviewed or contributed here is protected by the latest in security. In addition, all the data resides on Amazon's Real-time delivery server system assuring a near 100% up-time right at your finger tips.

Can anyone use this site?

Unfortunately no, you must be invited to the site by your dealership professional. The site was created to promote convenience for shoppers who want to review in a personalized environment with real, calculated offers but yet do so from home or work.

Vehicle upgrade
A Convenience Service for you
  Email letter to portal

We are introducing to you a new and very valuable service for you

What is it? A new service, for your convenience, at no charge.

A new service provided to you, at no charge, where you will receive an updated quote each month so you have the information you need as you make car buying decisions. It is likely you can purchase a new vehicle for a similar or lower payment. Many times this vehicle will come with a full warranty, many new features and save you money each month in gas and repair savings.

How does it work? It automatically creates a new vehicle quote

Recent technology advances have enabled us to create a new vehicle quote each month, for a similarly equipped model to the vehicle you are currently driving. Each month, the software will calculate your monthly payment using the current factory incentives, your trade-in value, along with other financial data (ie: taxes, fees, where applicable) to build real quotes for you. When possible, we will include multiple configurations and trim details, as well as calculated quotes for each.

What if I don’t see the car I want? We’ve built you your own personal website.

We provide you access to your own personal website where you can go shop online with your trade-in value factored in. You can also do other things like update information, verify your trim level and let us know if you need assistance. It is easy to get started. Just go to www.myvehicle- alerts.com and type in your code on this letter. Then all you have to do is pick a password, of your choosing, and you have all the information you need at your fingertips at all times.

Why are we doing this? To give you the best understanding of the upgrade cost ahead of time.

We have provided this to give you the greatest understanding possible of your vehicle replace- ment options and make the process as convenient as possible for you. You get the power to choose what vehicle best fits your budget before you come to see us.

What if I have questions about my vehicle value?

We use national averages to estimate the sight-unseen vehicle value. Simply, sign in to update your trim level and mileage to assure the most accurate future quotes. In addition, your past service department loyalty will make your vehicle worth more. Getting an expert appraisal done at the dealership is always best. You can instantly schedule one by signing in.

What should I do now? Shop, review, update and let us know when you are ready.

Review this month’s quote and, if you are interested, call us to schedule an appointment to verify the mileage and condition of your vehicle. As always, contact us if you have any questions or if there is ever anything we can do for you.

Vehicle upgrade
Why Upgrade?
Vehicle upgrade
Logical Reasons to Upgrade
  • It is likely you can purchase a new vehicle for a similar or lower payment.
  • Many times this vehicle will come with a full warranty, many new features and save you money each month in gas and repair savings.
  • By participating in the Manufacturer's advertised rebates, incentives and discounts, you can use the manufacturers assistance to spend less money to upgrade
  • Finally, you are benefiting from a more efficient vehicle by getting more mileage per gallon and at the same time avoidign those costly repairs because you have full warranty.
Example: Ownership Cost Savings over just 3 years
Payment Savings
More Per Month
Repair Savings
Less Per Month
Fuel Savings
Less Per Month
Estimated Total
Upgrade Savings
Savings over 3 years
A 3 year total savings of $4,868.12 in gas & repairs with 62 enhancements!
Example: Upgrade Comparison
  Your Vehicle Suggested Vehicle
Purchase Payment $395.24 $385.14 / mo.
Lease Payment   $212.08 / mo
Current Miles 52,786 14 (74,296 less)
Warranty Remaining   3 year / 36,000 miles
Fuel Efficiency 14 / 21 MPG 18 / 25 MPG
Fuel Savings   $2,459 over 3 years
Manufacturer Enhancements   62
Estimated Repair Costs $2348 (over 3 years) $0 (included in warranty)
Total Manufacturer Enhancements
Consumer Bill of Rights
Vehicle upgrade
  • Dealers must provide consumers with all other advertised customer rebates in addition to the additional trade-in value they receive through the Vehicle Upgrade program
  • Consumers are entitled to receive fair pricing wich includes all applicable advertised offers. The Selling prices cannot be padded to compensate for any part of the additional trade-in value.
  • Consumers are entitled to receive competitive financing terms and are not obligated to purchase additional services offered by the dealer to participate in this program.
  • Consumers are entitled to view and approve the sales contract before signing. The sales contract should clearly explains what they are getting and what they are paying.
  • To ensure the trade-in receives maximum value under the program rules. Consumers should expect Participating dealer to evaluate their Trade-in vehicles at the dealership and not over the phone.
  • Consumers should expect participating dealers to adhere to the program calculation formula for establishing the trade-in value from a third-party valuation service provider
  • Consumers should expect dealers not deduct for more than the normal trade-in value deductions for mileage, condition and reconditioning. Reconditioning deductions represent the Dealers estimated cost to make the vehicle mechanically safe, emissions certified and cometically ready for resale beyond what valuation service provider has already taken into account.
  • Consumers are not required to trade-in a vehicle to participate in the Manufacturers and advertised rebates, incentives and discounts.
Bill of rights